A beer story

Hello WordPress,

Here’s my story on beer.

I remember making a fermented beer mango for my Science Project in Grade 8. I just smelled the bottled green mangoes in our refrigerator and got an idea to make it as my project. I liked the smell of it but after tasting it, I decided it is not good for consumption and even for mass production. I even tried to make a rice wine but was not really successful. I never really liked beer until I turned eighteen. I think it’s for the silly reason that it is not sweet and it would make my tummy bulge.

In our high school physical education, alcoholic beverages was one of the topics and I learned about the proofs, alcoholic content, and how to drink in moderation (as the television ads would remind us). Never drive under the influence of alcohol as it affects our gross motor movement.

The first time I finished drinking a full bottle of beer was during my 18th birthday. Before turning eighteen, I was just tasting beer and never really finished drinking a bottle. My friends and I were in Katipunan, I bought some beer from 7-11, then we went to a nearby restaurant to eat dinner and drink the San Miguel Light beers we bought. Actually, we were not allowed to bring in those beers but we managed to break the rules. When the guard noticed us, we had already finished drinking our beers so there’s nothing he could do but to feel annoyed. Anyway, we were not unruly or obnoxious but just having a small chitchat.

There’s actually a Roman Catholic Ritual of blessing beer. Even as a Catholic Brother, I still find that strange.

In some Trappist monasteries, they would brew beer as one of their manual work and I heard that a Belgian Trappist beer is one of the best tasting beer in the world. One day, I hope I can visit their monastery, spend some time in silence and prayer, and even sip a taste of their well-acclaimed beer.

While in Kobe, Japan, I would buy a can of Asahi or Kirin beer before going home because there’s a vending machine outside our house. When I buy in convenience stores, they would ask me if I am already 20 years old and of course wearing eyeglasses has its advantage of making me look old.

I usually avoid hard drinks (or “spirits”) as it can knock me straight to sleep. With beer, I can still fight off sleep. Aside from a Smirnoff mule, I never preferred hard drinks over beer. Besides, I am never a fan of its taste and I find them expensive. As much as possible, I avoid drinking mixed drinks or extra strong beers such as Red Horse.

I don’t drink to feel high or elated. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like drinking and I would refrain from drinking beer even it’s offered for free. Since I need to wake up early in the morning for prayer and daily Mass, I would not drink beer during weekdays. Weekends are beer days for me.

Usually, I can only drink a bottle or two of beer and that’s enough for the night. Most of the time I would drink it alone more than drink it with peers. I am in the border between a social drinker and someone-who-drinks-to-sleep. I never really saw drinking alcoholic beverages as a problem for me and I think I never will. Self-control is the key.

Once, I drank a can of Heineken beer before I went to host an event just to calm my nerves. I would never try that again ever. I just hope no one in the crowd noticed.

Sometimes, drinking beer helps me to open up in writing and conversations where I usually keep quiet or just listen. When I wrote my review about Seklusyon, I think I had drank a bottle of beer. Now, I am quite surprised I wrote about drinking beer when I had not drank a single sip yet. It’s still Thursday anyway.

Thanks for reading and God bless.

Allen, FMS

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