Hello March 2021

Hello everyone.

Can’t believe it is already March. I’m graduating this week already from my Japanese language studies since Autumn 2019. Still a busy week though. It’s a bitter sweet month for me as it will be a month of goodbyes. And speaking of March, it reminds me it has been a year ago since the government declared a national state of emergency because of the rising cases of the new coronavirus. That time, I admit being panicky since we don’t really know what kind of disease it was compared to what we know now. The face masks were scarce and so the toilet papers because of the crazy fake news that most believed here. Cheers to the sad and scary memories of last year and prayers especially to those who have gone ahead of us because of the virus. 🙏 Also, it’s almost Spring here so Sakura season too. I hope this month would also be a time of new hope and beginning. That’s all for me. 🙂

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