My mother’s condition

Last week, my mother complained about fatigue and dizziness and went to the hospital but she was only told to rest and drink electrolytes. She visited twice to the hospital but maybe because of language barrier (Japanese), the doctors weren’t able to diagnose my mother’s condition. Yesterday, on a Sunday morning, it became more serious as my mother needed to be rushed to the Emergency Room through an ambulance because she became unconscious and had difficulty breathing. She took the COVID-19 PCR test and the result was negative. After a CT Scan, it turned out she had an infection on her left kidney. Currently, my mom is now conscious but in the Emergency Care Unit (ECU). Today, on her second day in the hospital, the doctor told that her condition is worsening and the antibiotics were not that effective so this afternoon, they tried removing the pus and the blot clot by inserting and cleaning through a non-invasive tube. It didn’t totally remove all the pus and the blood clot so they are just leaving the apparatus as is and see if it will improve. If there see no improvement, the doctors might do an operation and remove the left kidney.

We are hoping that she will still recover.

Please pray for her.

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