A visit to the hospital

The doctor called us yesterday afternoon and told us good news. My mother regained consciousness though she had no memory of what had happened to her last Sunday. The doctor asked us if we could visit today and translate since they could not communicate well because of the language barrier. I did the interpreting since no one in my family could speak conversational Japanese. Even with the COVID-19 protocols of the hospital where you just cannot walk in anytime, I was fortunate to enter the room where my mother was staying.

My younger brother and I explained to her what had happened to her and what her current condition was. With an iPad, my siblings, my father, and her grandchildren were able to talk and see her at least virtually.

I noticed her weight loss, her eyes and skin were yellowish. It was discovered that she has diabetes. Aside from her left kidney ruptured with pus and blood clot, her liver too is in bad shape. In medical terms, her condition is called “sepsis”.

The doctor is not that sure whether my mother’s condition will continue to improve for the next two weeks.

I am just glad that during my visit, she was lucid and awake the whole time.

Please do pray for her. 🙏

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