High School Life

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Once again this is Allen and I’m here to announce about my latest podcast episode about my high school life.

Again, the episode is spoken in Tagalog so just bear with my bad voice and accent. This podcasting has become my excuse from writing in long form. Like writing, speaking is also a skill that I can hone. But yeah, I know I must go back to writing again. Sorry for the short rambling.

It will premiere this 8 PM Japanese Standard Time and 7 PM Philippine Standard Time in Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts.

In case you want to chat with me while we listen to the podcast, you may join me in the Live Chat on YouTube.

In case you are wondering, the title of my Podcast is Gardener of Suma.

Hope you all stay safe and God bless.

Japanese and Tagalog Podcast Episode

Hello WordPress!

I know I haven’t posted here but I have some updates regarding my Podcast. I just want to share one of my 14 episodes, the Tagalog and Japanese episode..

Here the link in Spotify: Spotify Episode Link

Also, I mainly upload this podcast episodes in YouTube where I listen during the premiere and stay on the Live Chat and talk to some friends and listeners.

Update: Here’s my Apple Podcast link!