A (not-so) New Blog site

Hello everyone.

I just posted for the first time in five years on my blogger account.

I intend to stay there for a while and put this blog on an indefinite hiatus. I don’t know when but I’ll be back in the future.

Here is my other blog: allenjambalaya.blogsite.com

Thanks for reading.

See you again guys!


December 2012 Update

In this month, I know I’ll miss a lot of holidays that I normally spend with my family since my 23 years of existence in this world. Aside from my birthday, Christmas and New Year are two of the yearly events that I anticipate the most and I’m even more happier when I celebrate these two holidays than my own natal day.

But even though I’m a thousand kilometers away from our home (I don’t know exactly know far our home is from the convent), I know that my heart is with them (and I ripped it off from a song).

So here’s a song I dedicate for the month of December.

November 2012 Update

Some people speculate that it’s the end of the world when 12-12-12 strikes (even the Mayan says it’s false). Just think about the commercialization of the end of the world (Hello 2012). Whatever they say about the end of the world, I know what’s certain in life—death. I heard from a video game that all people die but only a few truly live.

How about you, what do you think about the end of the world?

October 2012 Update

It’s weird that we call the tenth month of the calendar as October when Octo means eight. Blame Julius and Augustus. Of course, it will also apply with the twelve month, December, when Deca means ten. Oh my. Sorry, I have nothing to write about me now. This post is six months drafted ahead.

How about you, what are the weird things do you notice about time?

Update for September 2012

Another scheduled post for me now and it’s for September 2012. That means I’m (counts from May 2012) five months offline now. If I’m manifesting some withdrawal symptoms now, I don’t know. Possibly. Probably.

I have a question for you people out there. Can you live without the internet for five months?

About Being Honest

Lying to someone you love destroys trust.

And if you love someone, you will never break their trust.

It takes a long time to build trust towards a person and one rash mistake can destroy the trust you had for that span of time.

Think first of the consequences before you act.

Be careful.

If you think that someone will get hurt as a result, suspend your action.

In the end, the decision to act depends on you.

You have the power to destroy or build trust.


Written last August 28, 2010.

An excerpt to my Book review of Man’s Search for Meaning


I can proudly say that I appreciate Logotherapy because I can easily relate to what it tells about one’s feeling of meaningless in life, that is, the existential vacuüm. Why? Before I go to college, I lost the feeling of desiring what I want for myself in the future. I do not know what I want for myself in the future. As a five-year old child, I wanted to become a soldier. But as a fifteen-year old teen, I do not know what I want for myself in the future.

After I graduated in high school, I felt that I do not want to go to college to study. To tell the truth, it’s been two years when I met a problem in my choice of courses that I want to take in college. Back then, I was assessed that I am recommended to take up courses that are related to the Arts and Crafts. As a varsity chess player since Grade 5, I know that I excel in Spatial Intelligence. During that time, I felt that pursuing courses such as Fine Arts, Architecture, Music, or even being a varsity chess player in college wouldn’t guarantee me monetary rewards. “Walang pera sa arts o music. (There’s no money in pursuing arts or music)” I didn’t admit to myself that during that time, I have passion for arts, yet I lose hope before I give myself a chance in trying to pursue what I want during that time. Continue reading