Flash Fictions

Naku (Oops), I’ve been hit with a flash-fiction-writing-bug. I can still recall that I just ran out of ideas when I stumbled upon a blog with a novel writing idea. I learned that they are a group of writers called Friday Fictioneers. I’ve been struggling to write a story, but as Madison Woods said to me, “just write”.

These are my stories:

  1. Our Grandmother’s Remains (97 words)
  2. Bantay: Our Protective Dog (223 words)
  3. The Spider Hunt (110 words)
  4. The Ant Hill (116 words)
  5. The Great Rain (111 words)
  6. The Tunnel – a poem
  7. Heinz dilemma (100 words)
  8. The Classroom – a true story (136 words)
  9. A child’s letter to a butterfly (70 words)
  10. A letter to a parent (83 words)
  11. When rivals collide (115 words)
  12. The unreturned book (188 words)

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