When your grandmother forgets you

One day, I revisited a Home for the Aged. I went there every week, doing it for almost 5 months. When I saw one old lady whom I fondly call Lola, I ran straight after her since she might tampo (closest meaning is sulk) that I ignored her since attention matters for elders here because they regard us as their grandchildren (talking about transference).

“Good morning, Lola! Kamusta na? (How are you?)”
“Okay lang. Anong pangalan mo? (I’m okay. What’s your name?)”


On How a Clumsy Guy met a Beautiful Volunteer

Last Sunday, after having my haircut, I went to the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage to attend the mass.

During the communion, I saw Anna, the beautiful volunteer of Marcellin Homes from Germany, and I decided to greet her after the mass.

I personally don’t know her that much and I just met her once during a dinner last Friday.

So after the mass outside the church, while facing her in a short distance, I waived my hand while looking at her.

It seems that she didn’t recognize me since I did not mention her name.

Maybe she was thinking, “Who is this geek waving his hand on me?”

Maybe she didn’t really noticed me waving my hand.

When I saw her companion, whom I don’t know personally, I just chickened out of my way towards the church gate.

If Anna was someone whom I truly know well, then I would have shouted at the voice that might scandalize the churchgoers and waved my hands more enthusiastically.

What I did was clumsy.

That’s the introvert in me winning the day.