The beginning of Chronicles of a young Brother?

It’s still raining. And here in Cotabato, I think this is the coolest day here since I arrived last May 15. Sometimes, I heard, when the rain is too strong and the swamp overflows, fishes can be seen in the grass field of the campus. I want to witness that one of these days. When I was still an aspirant, there was a city wide flooding just because people forgot to clear the water lilies in the river. Well, this city is below the sea level. 

I don’t know if it’s because of the raining that our internet connection with PLDT is so slow. Alternative? I used mobile data with a Globe SIM which has an LTE signal here. If not for the intermittent connection, I wouldn’t blog again. The mobile data reminded me of WordPress. Force of habit probably. I always find time to be alone and reflect; I just forgot about WordPress. 

And now that I remember, I should come here more often so that I can write about my stress as a homeroom adviser, my battle against lesson plans, encounter with cheeky teenagers, bright kids, table tennis prodigies, cute dogs, and everything that revolves around my life here in my first assignment as a temporarily professed brother.

As I write down my thoughts, feelings and experiences, may the Holy Spirit move me and transform these insipid and plain water-like experiences into intoxicating and zestful wine-like life events (John 2:1-12).

My first profession of vows

It’s confirmed. I will take my first profession of vows as a Marist Brother on May 20, 2014 in San Carlos Borromeo Parish, Tamontaka, D.O.S., Maguindanao, Philippines.

We still have not decided yet who will be the main presider of the celebration. Definitely it’s not the new Cardinal Quevedo, our new cardinal here in the Diocese of Cotabato. Initially, he is in our list if not for the elevation of Pope Francis.

There will be ten novices (hopefully) professing first vows.

Now, I will wait for three months and stay in our desert here in the novitiate. That means this blog will still be on a hiatus (except for this post).

I am already excited.