A (not-so) New Blog site

Hello everyone.

I just posted for the first time in five years on my blogger account.

I intend to stay there for a while and put this blog on an indefinite hiatus. I don’t know when but I’ll be back in the future.

Here is my other blog: allenjambalaya.blogsite.com

Thanks for reading.

See you again guys!


Cluttered Blogs

Most of the blogs I see on Blogger are eye-sores. Sorry for the term but that’s what really what I honestly think of them. Why? Here’s a list of what I don’t like about those blogs I’m pertaining:

  1. Ads – I know that Google has a superior way of profiting by AdSense (even I joined forces with the profit system bandwagon) but I think a lot of bloggers their allow the ads to destroy their blog’s appearance when misplaced and cluttered. A lot of Blogspot sites have misplaced ads, which reminds me that sometimes (or rarely), I visit blogs that has a background music playing (and I’m annoyed when I hear them).
  2. I can’t Blog-Walk – on Blogger like I do here in WordPress. And there’s one good reason why—they are too cluttered. Try to blog-walk at any Blogspot sites and you’ll know what I’m referring to.
  3. No Threaded Comments – Blogger is already offering this option but some bloggers (if not all), don’t activate this. But maybe they aren’t aware that they need to activate threaded commenting. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

I could name a lot more things I dislike but this post would become a nonsensical rant if I did that (e.g. like saying I don’t like a person just because his/her shoes isn’t appealing). I think they need a critic like me (really??). They need some good criticisms (constructive and not destructive).

I want to read their stories but they need to fix their blogs first by looking presentable. Don’t worry about the content. Just keep on blogging. But please make your blogs more presentable first.

Don’t stop Blogging: The Daily Post’s Influence on me

How I started Blogging?

I always considered blogs as a way of venting my feelings, in which serves as my journal. I initially used Friendster Blogs (which is now defunct) and Live Journal (though it took me 5 years to write my first post there) as my blog when I was still a freshman in college. But I become more comfortable with using Multiply as my main blog-site. Then Facebook came and I created an account last 2009, which pushed me to use Notes as my main blog for 2 years. College graduation came and I become preoccupied with career choices, relationship problems, and work for 7 months. Facebook notes became my salvation in capturing my private thoughts. Then Blogger came with the idea of  blogging as a way of enhancing my writing skills. But using English as a language on my blogspot site failed as it would be easier for me to express my thoughts and feelings in Filipino or Tagalog.

Because of some influence from my friends, I came to know WordPress as an alternative blogging haven in the start of year 2011.

My initial blogging experience with WordPress

When I started using WordPress, I blogged about my initial goal of creating a blog post every month. I was inspired by a new campaign of WordPress, which is the Post A Week Challenge. With the program, I renewed my passion in writing through the innovative efforts of WordPress.

With The Daily Post giving Tactics/Tips, Inspiration, and daily suggestions, I was able to pick up some tips such as free-writing, being silent, and keeping a notebook in hand (which I never failed to do). Whenever I missed a week (which I usually do), I never regret doing so after reading this.

My Struggles

I had to admit that I struggled in starting my blog here.  I always had an idea of what should I post but had failed to commit on the campaign I joined. Maybe because of my idea that my posts should always rock. But because of my urge that my posts should look best, it hindered my writing and stopped me from posting more. Despite of that, The Daily Post influenced me to start blogging.

My goals

I thought my lifespan here in WordPress will be on halt because of my relocation which I explained here, where I bid goodbye to my PostAWeek Challenge. But for the past 8 months, I’ve been blogging consistently every month here at WordPress, which is the first and only goal I’ve achieved.

My hopes

I’m still hoping that I can still blog monthly even though my responsibilities now are hindering me to be online most of the time. I thank all my audience, friends, acquaintances, Mr. Scott Berkun, Ms. Erica Johnson, and the whole team making up The Daily Post for helping me in building a healthier habit in blogging. 🙂