“Why life is so complicated?”

“If you find life complicated because you made it so.”

This remark reminded me of the joke my geeky friend once told me. He said:

“A boy asked himself: ‘Why does my LIFE suck?

Because you let LIFE suck on you‘, answered the voice from somewhere.”

It Takes 10K

I only have one Psychology subject in college and I am grateful for the particular professor I got. I like her understanding with life and I guess having an active third eye expands her perception about everything around her that definitely intrigued me.

Before our course ended, there was one time that she asked the whole class, “What’s the ultimate question you have in mind?” At that time, my parents’ marriage is having trouble, I thought I don’t like the course I took, and I am worried about the future; I did have one question and it is her who I wanted to give me an answer.

She was happy that I raised my hand and stood up. I guess she was disappointed with my question but I am happy I asked and have never forgotten my question and her answer.

I asked, “Why is life so complicated?

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