A list of things I wish I said

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We all have experiences where after we leave a conversation, or a date ends, we realize something clever we wish we had said.

The French call this l’esprit de l’escalier, which means, roughly, staircase wit (as in, you get the idea for something to say only when you are in the staircase, heading home).

Can you recall moments in your life, at work or at home, where you realize now there was something else you wish you had said? Or done? Make a list.

Thinking about it, these kinds of moments makes you either regret or do better next time. I know there’s a pattern or common occurrence whenever this happens, like being assertive and expressing my emotions for example. To be honest, I’m just wasting my time now waiting for myself to become sleepy. I’m not yet in the mood to take a nap because I’m again feeling apprehensive towards my flight to the south this noon. So bear with me and I’ll put an incomplete list of things I wish I said:

Warning: The following list contains Tagalog words. But I’ll put a rough translation so others can comprehend to them.

SITUATION #1: A lot of times when I wish I said affectionate words personally to someone who’s very special.

What should have been said: I wish I said these words personally: “Mahal kita (I love you).” Very brief words.

SITUATION #2: I have sometimes been taken out of the context because of saying something out of my wrong choice of words. It’s like hurrying to speak when I could pause for a while before speaking. These are the times when I am interpreted as arrogant when in fact I just don’t wanna be bothered by anyone. A certain situation I encountered with this kind of context was when I’m talking with somebody in a heated discussion but a common friend of ours suddenly butted in our conversation and wants to join. Trying to tell him to back off for a while, I said: “Wag kang epal (Don’t butt in, you don’t belong).” Of course, the friend of ours cursed when he heard my remarks so I apologized immediately. But the damage has been done so I learned something from it.

What should have been said: I could say better choice of words like “Kami na muna. Next time ka na lang muna. (Please don’t meddle. I’ll deal with you later, okay?)”

I’ll update this later, so please bear with this published draft of mine. Thanks!

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Panyo: Something that I always bring on a trip

Now, since it’s still 28 days away from the NaNoWriMo challenge, I’ll do a warm-up blogging for this month of October with the help of NaBloPoMo.It’s an alternate for the NaNoWriMo since the novel writing challenge is just yearly and the NaBloPoMo runs every month, from Monday to Friday. It’s like The Daily Post but with a two-day rest every week and a monthly theme.The theme for October is BETWEEN.

Today’s writing prompt for Monday, October 3, 2011, the first prompt of the month, asks me to write about this:

What is something you always pack on a trip? Continue reading

What 5 albums have influenced you the most?

1) Parachutes by Colplay

This is the debut album of Coldplay. Aside from the famous hits in the album, my favorite here would be the underrated song entitled Sparks (listen here).

Famous singles from this album are Yellow, Don’t Panic, and Trouble.

2) Postcards from Heaven by Lighthouse Family

This is the first album I have completely listened to. I can still remember back in December 1998 when my cousin gave a cassette of Lighthouse Family to my father which he had found from the passenger’s seat of our tricycle.

Famous tracks here are Question of Faith, High, and Lost in Space.

3) Make Yourself by Incubus

With hits such as Stellar, Drive, and Pardon Me, this album introduced me to Incubus. Whenever they visit our country for a concert, I always regret not being able to attend the event.

4) Kami nAPO muna by Various Artists

This is a tribute album by various artists here in the Philippines.

Apo Hikings Society, or simple Apo, got this tribute due to their contribution in the musical movement, called Original Pilipino Music (a.k.a. OPM) , here in the country.

A two-disc limited edition is released which contained a second disk with digitally remastered tracks of Apo Hikings Society such as Batang-batang ka pa and When I Met You (listen here).

5) Kimi Tsunagi Five M by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION

I have known the band because of their song Haruka Kanata, which is an opening theme of Naruto.

In this album, you can listen to tracks such as Kimi to Iu Hana (A Flower called You), and Mirai no Karera (Fragments of the Future).

Asian Kung-Fu Generation, or simply AKFG or Ajikan, is a four famous for their hits such as Rewrite, Blue Train, After Dark, and Solanin.

(Inspiration came from the bonus suggestion of The Daily Post‘s What 5 books have influenced you the most?)