Tl;dr: Too long, didn’t read.

One negative effect of the digital age is the shortening of attention span among netizens.

Unlike decades ago, a person sits down for more or less than a minute in loading just a single web page. Now, you can already load more or less than 20 web pages simultaneously in multiple tabs during one-minute span. But that’s just an estimate.

Without being diagnosed by an expert, we can already know if we are losing our focus

(Click here for self-diagnosis of ADD).

The internet is quickly changing our society more than we could think of. There’s a lot of possibilities that it could bring in the near future. But as we count the numberless advantages it brings, let’s keep a caution towards it as it also gives us a list of disadvantages. The internet can be likened to a fire. It can help a man to cook or it can help cook a man. Let’s be cautious.

Title inspiration from Too long, didn’t read (A Wikipedia essay entry).