How I combined Math and reflective writing?


Well wishes and prayer messages disguised in a Facebook Number Game
I manage a Facebook group site for my Geometry class. Though the school year is finished, I posted some activity for them to comment. The post is a Number Game wherein friends would send a number privately to the one who posted then the one who posted would comment on the post, describing the friend, withhold the name, label that person with a number, and letting others guess who is that person being described. The Number Game is, in reality, for me to send them private messages about my well wishes and prayers for them as their teacher and “spiritual parent” (a term I got from Pope Francis). Right now, I ran out of ideas and quirks in writing since the game is still on and I have yet to write for more or less twenty students.

Letter writing activity in class
Last November, I gave the students a letter writing activity called Dear John. You might wonder what’s the connection of letter writing and mathematics? I’ll explain. They are to reply to a former classmate who transferred and talk about John’s struggle with Geometry in his new school. So aside from sharing their own experiences too and their advice to him, I posted other questions such as their preferred degrees in college, their plans for the future, and their aspirations in life. Upon receiving their letters, I replied to their letters and gave advices, recommendations, affirmations, and encouragements in their class performance and in their future endeavors as well. Considering that this activity requires me to reply to 52 students, I don’t mind the hurt in my hand in writing since I enjoy writing for them anyway.

The Number Game and the Dear John writing experience is heartwarming and enriching as a rookie teacher, a brother, and as a human being. I hope that the students felt the same when they receive a reply from this brother.

Marcos as the best president of the Philippines?

One time I wonder why I saw a Facebook post saying that the best president of the Philippines is Ferdinand Marcos. Really? Talaga lang ha?

For the record, I was not yet born during his lifetime. He died in Hawaii, right? If my sense of history is correct, when Marcos died, it was the year when they tore down the Berlin wall; we just had our new constitution implemented for two years; it was a time of rebuilding the nation from his ugly dictatorship.

Yes, I get irritated that I want to hit the unlike button (which is non-existent in FB) and even unfriend the person. Why do they think like that? Erase. Wrong question. Try again. Another one: How are they able to acquire these kind of erroneous mentality? I got a feeling that someone is responsible in spreading this misinformed history about Marcos. Somebody might be rewriting the past with some propaganda. Is it the Marcos loyalists or the Marcoses themselves? Am I just paranoid or what?

(As I am writing here, I saw a post against a local musician who is an anti-Marcos. There must be really a cunning propaganda lurking behind the shadows, huh? Or… just a bunch of people who idolizes the Marcoses)

Dear friends, I really love our country no matter how flawed she is. I can’t accept this trickery. Let us remember what our heroes fought for in exchange for freedom and democracy we are enjoying right now. Think about Ninoy Aquino or the many unnamed victims who are supposed to be living with us right now if not for Marcos and his Martial Law. There’s no need to mention them all; just read our recent Philippine history. Did they all suffer in vain?

I repeat: Remember.

Don’t stop Blogging: The Daily Post’s Influence on me

How I started Blogging?

I always considered blogs as a way of venting my feelings, in which serves as my journal. I initially used Friendster Blogs (which is now defunct) and Live Journal (though it took me 5 years to write my first post there) as my blog when I was still a freshman in college. But I become more comfortable with using Multiply as my main blog-site. Then Facebook came and I created an account last 2009, which pushed me to use Notes as my main blog for 2 years. College graduation came and I become preoccupied with career choices, relationship problems, and work for 7 months. Facebook notes became my salvation in capturing my private thoughts. Then Blogger came with the idea of  blogging as a way of enhancing my writing skills. But using English as a language on my blogspot site failed as it would be easier for me to express my thoughts and feelings in Filipino or Tagalog.

Because of some influence from my friends, I came to know WordPress as an alternative blogging haven in the start of year 2011.

My initial blogging experience with WordPress

When I started using WordPress, I blogged about my initial goal of creating a blog post every month. I was inspired by a new campaign of WordPress, which is the Post A Week Challenge. With the program, I renewed my passion in writing through the innovative efforts of WordPress.

With The Daily Post giving Tactics/Tips, Inspiration, and daily suggestions, I was able to pick up some tips such as free-writing, being silent, and keeping a notebook in hand (which I never failed to do). Whenever I missed a week (which I usually do), I never regret doing so after reading this.

My Struggles

I had to admit that I struggled in starting my blog here.  I always had an idea of what should I post but had failed to commit on the campaign I joined. Maybe because of my idea that my posts should always rock. But because of my urge that my posts should look best, it hindered my writing and stopped me from posting more. Despite of that, The Daily Post influenced me to start blogging.

My goals

I thought my lifespan here in WordPress will be on halt because of my relocation which I explained here, where I bid goodbye to my PostAWeek Challenge. But for the past 8 months, I’ve been blogging consistently every month here at WordPress, which is the first and only goal I’ve achieved.

My hopes

I’m still hoping that I can still blog monthly even though my responsibilities now are hindering me to be online most of the time. I thank all my audience, friends, acquaintances, Mr. Scott Berkun, Ms. Erica Johnson, and the whole team making up The Daily Post for helping me in building a healthier habit in blogging. 🙂