A child’s letter to a butterfly (flash fiction)

Dear Butterfly,

When my grandmother died, I learned something new from my friends:
When a moth or a butterfly enters a house, a dearly departed visits.
From now on, I will not catch nor kill you whenever you come inside our home.

I would confess something I’m not too proud to admit.
Last year, I caught plenty of our relatives;
I thought they were Pokémons.
I’m so sorry, I didn’t know yet.

I hope you’ll forgive me.

Your little brother,

Writing Prompt: Writing 101: To Whom it May Concern (Assignment No. 13)

When rivals collide (A flash fiction)

“Ha! You know what Mike, you’re full of rubbish!” whispered Rap to Mike’s ears as they resume from timeout.

“Thanks” Mike replied.

18 seconds left. Warriors ahead, 99-97.

Rap, ace player of Angels, hasn’t scored yet in final period. All praises from their coach, Mike just keeps shutting down the opponent’s go-to-guy.

Receiving from a teammates’ baseline inbound, Rap dribbled swiftly towards the hoop. Mike chased him and gets in front of him. As he drives inside the paint, he planted an elbow to Mike’s face. The ref blows the whistle.

“No worries. Part of the game,” said Mike while holding his cheek.


A free-for-all ensues.

Postscript: I’m not in the mood to write tonight since I got tired from playing basketball scrimmage this afternoon. Just decided to make a short story out of an NCAA basketbrawl. Trust me, no violence happened while I played with my fellow brothers. I even used my favorite expression in basketball, “part of the game.”

Writing promptWriting 101: Give and Take (Assignment # 7)

A letter to a parent (a flash fiction)

I found a letter that you never sent
I was curious whom it was addressed to
What you wrote does not reflect who you are
Maybe that’s why it’s just a draft

But I might be wrong
I don’t know much about you
Unlike Pops, you’re always tough
Maybe that’s why I’m closer to him

I still wonder why you did not send this
Are you afraid of baring your soul?
What’s with your self-imposed separation?
Maybe that’s why I’m distant to women

Writing prompt: Writing 101: Be Brief (Day Five)

Heinz dilemma

Hello readers and fellow Friday Fictioneers!

For now, this is my and probably my last entry for the Friday Fictioneers’ 100-words challenge. Because this coming Sunday, I’m flying back to the South for an immersion experience with some indigenous community. It’s a part of our training before we enter the convent and formally start our Novitiate formation. I’ll tell all about it on my next post.

The photo prompt courtesy of Madison Woods. If you’re interested to read other stories like this, click here. If you’re not yet a Friday Fictioneer, I encourage you to be one and write your 100-flash fiction every Friday.

Below is my Flash Fiction this week. Enjoy!


Where’s the drug? Where’s the medicine?! It’s too dark.

Good grief, there it is!

This radium is horribly overpriced. Ten times its production cost!

Oh that wretched druggist! I gave him other options this morning. I wouldn’t be here now if he just let me pay even half. I wouldn’t be stealing this if he just…

But I won’t let my wife suffer from her sickness any longer. This is for her!

I’ve never done this before. I think this won’t be considered as stealing.

I’ll just leave this $1000 in this spot.

Now what? Where should I hide later?


The Heinz dilemma inspired me to write this story. You can read it here (wiki article).

Does the end justify the means?

The Spider Hunt

In the boondocks, Matias and Masoy went to the woods to hunt for spiders. It’s still dawn when they pedaled through the foggy road of the bushy hill. Matias grabbed his improvised spider stable from his pocket before parking the pedicab beside the mango tree.

It was a heart-stopping scene to see the mango tree without the pedicab.

Hala, patay tayo. Ninakaw ang pedicab. (Oh no, we’re in trouble. Someone has stolen our pedicab.)”

Patay tayo kay Tatay nyan (Father will beat us to death).”

Masoy was already in tears when Matias noticed something amusing. He saw something familiar with the Yuletide season.

Uy, reindeer oh.”

They burst into laughter.

Bantay: Our protective dog

My cousins and my siblings play with Bantay whenever they see him. Every time I go home from my Kindergarten classes, I would also go to the house of Bantay and cuddle him. Bantay is the source of joy in our family.

One morning, before going to class, I saw a marching group of men wearing green uniform. “Sino po sila?”, I asked my parents but they didn’t answer me. I think it has something to do with the piece of paper they received the last week. I heard it was a notice.

When the men in green approached our lot, my mother took my hands and dragged me away from them. I couldn’t fully comprehend yet with what’s happening at that time. Bantay, acting like he understands the situation, suddenly went out of his house and attacked the man in the middle and bit his leg. Later, I heard the sound of a gun.

Grandmother grabbed a brick with her frail hands but auntie grabbed her arms before she could even hurl it to the demolition team.

“Do your best at school”, my mother told me. I nod to her in reply.

I’m pretty sure that day was my first absence at school. More importantly, I wouldn’t be able to play with Bantay ever again.

Photo credits via MadisonWoods.wordpress.com