How to overcome the feeling of being out of your comfort zone?

I feel like the Easter joy hasn’t really sink in me. Or maybe it rubbed off me but it just subsided. If you feel so down, feel free to join me in my activity.

Review of the past: A writing activity
This is very simple. I’ll just do an activity that will help me situate my feelings. Just jot down what happened for the past two years, all the good and the bad. Borrowing Ignatian Discernment, let’s write down all consolations and desolations. And this is my entry:

Before (past two years)
Studies, LET, one year teaching, contact with the youth, catechism classes, more theological studies, international community living, and stay in my hometown, over exposure to technology, cooking practice, watering plants, washing my clothes, practicing of using iron, visit to my family, contact with parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, visit to my relatives, grandparents, cousins, outings, recollection, Retreats, spiritual direction, fraternal accompaniment, basketball, soccer, running, reading books, and blogging. I have a lot to thank for.

Now (this past three weeks)
No daily Mass, no exercise, bumming, more time in silence, different language, rural living, fireflies in my room, crickets and frogs singing, adorable cats, frightening dogs, strong cellular signal, drinking Lipton tea almost every meal, two to three hours conversation while eating, all male in the community, and a vacation ministry. 

I think I’m still in the transition period. I might be still adjusting from being removed from my comfort zone. I’m thankful I wrote this so I can be grateful for all the blessings I got and not just focus on what I lack.

On being versus doing

Recently, I wrote about the state of being. In truth, I still need to know more about the art of being. I get its idea but I just want to know it sincerely: how do I do it?

How do I let myself just be? When asked about contemplation, Thomas Merton once said, “I just live”.

How simple can that be?

How blogging will liberate me?

If oxygenated blood doesn’t flow to the brain, the tendency is to feel sleepy.

In this blog, I will free myself by not writing in paragraphs;

That means that the next sentence — the next thought — will place itself in the next paragraph.

Because the attention span of an internet user is less than a gold fish’s,

I will now break grammar rules;

I will write with wrong prepositions (my weakness).

If the next thought — the next sentence —is related to the previous one,

I will use semi-colon.

Using the Enter is liberating.

The goal is to keep on writing while the brain’s oxygenated blood supply lasts.