The Classroom

I’ve been away for two weeks and I’ve not been online that much since I left our home. So getting some inspiration with my two weeks teaching exposure here in a remote community, this is a short story about my experience earlier this day.

There’s the big boy again.
Restrain and gain composure, I tell myself.
Attention grabbing, classroom noise… why does he always start this?
Is there something wrong with him or it’s just his boyish nature?

Since it’s my last day here, I’ll smile outside even when I’m really boiling inside.
Before we leave, there’s a program to formally end our stay in this remote school.
After the singing and dancing, the boy approached me in his usual self.
Just like what I do with the rest of the kids, I piggyback him.
Now, the tots are crying but the boy is smiling while hugging me.
Later, I noticed that he became silent and I felt from my back that my shirt getting wet. I couldn’t believe he’s crying because I’m leaving now.

This boy is not that tough. Maybe I am not too. I was touched.


Photo prompt via Madison Woods.


Heinz dilemma

Hello readers and fellow Friday Fictioneers!

For now, this is my and probably my last entry for the Friday Fictioneers’ 100-words challenge. Because this coming Sunday, I’m flying back to the South for an immersion experience with some indigenous community. It’s a part of our training before we enter the convent and formally start our Novitiate formation. I’ll tell all about it on my next post.

The photo prompt courtesy of Madison Woods. If you’re interested to read other stories like this, click here. If you’re not yet a Friday Fictioneer, I encourage you to be one and write your 100-flash fiction every Friday.

Below is my Flash Fiction this week. Enjoy!


Where’s the drug? Where’s the medicine?! It’s too dark.

Good grief, there it is!

This radium is horribly overpriced. Ten times its production cost!

Oh that wretched druggist! I gave him other options this morning. I wouldn’t be here now if he just let me pay even half. I wouldn’t be stealing this if he just…

But I won’t let my wife suffer from her sickness any longer. This is for her!

I’ve never done this before. I think this won’t be considered as stealing.

I’ll just leave this $1000 in this spot.

Now what? Where should I hide later?


The Heinz dilemma inspired me to write this story. You can read it here (wiki article).

Does the end justify the means?

The Great Rain

Photo via

In a tropic, it’s weird not to experience rain.

For the past months, it hasn’t rained that much.

The nature is catching up with its delayed schedule, I thought.


It’s Saturday and it’s raining really hard.

Even if it’s still morning, I decided to go back to bed.

Electricity is out, what else can I do?

I decided to spend my day snoring.

Then I woke up in the evening.

I’m surprised it’s still pouring.

Even without the radio, I can tell it’s a storm.

It rained like it poured for one month without ceasing.

Then the river overflowed.

The Great Rain poured.

It unleashed its Wrath upon us.


P.S.: Read Madison Woods’ Contemplative – a poem. She belongs to a group called Friday Fictioneers, who writes 100-words Flash Fiction every Friday.

Hello Blog-Walkers

Hello blog-walkers,

It’s one o’clock in the morning here and it’s past by bedtime now so I’m a bit sleepy. I’m on a free-blogging mode now so read at your own risk.


Trese Treat

Today is the first day of April. I’ve read somewhere from twitter (via @HecklerForever of that every month that starts with a Sunday has a Friday the 13th. And that means a special treat from my favorite Graphic Novel/Comic Series, Trese. You can read the first two books free on their blog (


Skyrocket Blogwalkers

I just checked My Stats and I got some surprising results. March 2012 has been my best month in terms of visitors/readers/blogwalkers. And from this month alone, the number of blog visits matched one-third of my combined blog visits last 2011. It’s an all-time high for me this March 2012 in terms of readership.


To All Friday Fictioneers

I know there’s one good reason why I achieved this feat: Friday Fiction.

I would like to say thanks to all the Friday Fictioneers out there, especially to Madison Woods. I appreciate all the likes and comments. More power to Friday Fictioneers!

Have a great weekend everyone.

The Ant Hill

It was afternoon when two boys went up the ranch to play.

Outside the fences, they saw an abandoned truck.

They approached it and went inside.

One took the driver’s seat but the other protested and tackled his playmate.

Suddenly, the vehicle closed all its door on its own and started running.

They shrieked so loud that even sleeping forest creatures would wake up.

Rolling downhill, the truck accelerated even faster as it approaches the cliff.

Then the vehicle suddenly stopped.

Tumigil yata (Maybe it stopped).”

Unhurt, they went out and saw something.

Hala, punso! (An ant hill!)”

As they hurriedly ran away, a nuno sa punso (goblin of the anthill) looks at his shattered home.

The Spider Hunt

In the boondocks, Matias and Masoy went to the woods to hunt for spiders. It’s still dawn when they pedaled through the foggy road of the bushy hill. Matias grabbed his improvised spider stable from his pocket before parking the pedicab beside the mango tree.

It was a heart-stopping scene to see the mango tree without the pedicab.

Hala, patay tayo. Ninakaw ang pedicab. (Oh no, we’re in trouble. Someone has stolen our pedicab.)”

Patay tayo kay Tatay nyan (Father will beat us to death).”

Masoy was already in tears when Matias noticed something amusing. He saw something familiar with the Yuletide season.

Uy, reindeer oh.”

They burst into laughter.