I hope my English teachers wouldn’t get mad when they read my blog

I am grammar conscious because I know I’m not good at grammar. It’s the price I paid for not taking my English lessons seriously when I was still in elementary and high school. I should have shown interest towards English classes on the same manner with how I passionately attend our dismissal time.

My struggle with the apostrophe

Since I’m not a native speaker of English, I’m having a hard time when it comes to choosing words using apostrophes (e.g. they’re versus their, it’s versus its).

The grammarian

Knowing my weakness in English grammar, I’ll try to anticipate the moment when a grammarian would someday visit my blog and point out exactly all my mistakes. I’m open to that kind of possibility.

Grammar Comics

Good thing is that there are blogs dedicated to English grammar like The Oatmeal and Boggleton Drive. Check them out and be amused with their hilarious grammar comics.