Why Allen Jambalaya?

My blog is in a state of inertia

I can’t think of anything worth posting these past months. In my every blog, what I’m after is the quality of the post no matter if it’s just a short post or a Quick Press. My WordPress blog is already one-year-old but I didn’t celebrated. So to make fun of myself, I’ll just have an imaginary interview about my blog?

Imaginary Interview

Q: Your blog’s name is quite weird. Why did you choose Allen Jambalaya?

A: It’s my alias. An amalgam of my two nicknames. Jambalaya means ham rice. I find the word jambalaya as cool since whenever I use it during group text messages, especially during breakfast, the usual reply I get is: “What’s a jambalaya?”

For me, I define it differently. When you dissect it literally using English and Tagalog, it may mean music and freedom. I use allenjambalaya as my Universal I.D. here in the web. In YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

To be continued…