My life as a Brother

TAMONTAKA, MAGUINDANAO, May 24, 2014—Last night, I had a problem where to put my journals. With only three bags for my luggage, I thought of a solution: give away some of my clothes and valuables for more space. Today, I am moving back to Marikina not for a home vacation but for the next stage of my religious formation. It seems surreal. Two years here in the novitiate felt like a very long time yet it seems like it was just a month ago when I first stepped on this monastery-like place. As a novice, I was formed to become a consecrated person. Now, I will start my new ministry of being a student Brother. Yes, that’s right, you may now call me Brother Allen.

Chastity, poverty, and obedience –these are the vows I publicly professed just to follow the footsteps of our brother Jesus Christ. I don’t really have much much to write about now. About my journal, I’ll try to buy the small and light ones since I have an old blog to continue. I will try to write my life as a Brother in my blog.

Goodbye WordPress

Starting this October 6, this blog will be on a hiatus.

Getting a line from a song, I don’t know when I’ll be back again.


Anyway, it was a dark and stormy night… no, just kidding.

Lately, I’ve been writing my reflections as a missionary novice of the Marist Brothers.

Since July, I’ve compiled this weekly reflections and its volume is enough to fit in a novella.

Now I’m going to be away for months and even a year.

That means no more boring stories from Allen Jambalaya.

But if you say you’re going to miss my not so extraordinary posts, just hit me in the comments.

Sorry to say this but I have to go now.

I promise, I’ll be back.

Hello Blog-Walkers

Hello blog-walkers,

It’s one o’clock in the morning here and it’s past by bedtime now so I’m a bit sleepy. I’m on a free-blogging mode now so read at your own risk.


Trese Treat

Today is the first day of April. I’ve read somewhere from twitter (via @HecklerForever of that every month that starts with a Sunday has a Friday the 13th. And that means a special treat from my favorite Graphic Novel/Comic Series, Trese. You can read the first two books free on their blog (


Skyrocket Blogwalkers

I just checked My Stats and I got some surprising results. March 2012 has been my best month in terms of visitors/readers/blogwalkers. And from this month alone, the number of blog visits matched one-third of my combined blog visits last 2011. It’s an all-time high for me this March 2012 in terms of readership.


To All Friday Fictioneers

I know there’s one good reason why I achieved this feat: Friday Fiction.

I would like to say thanks to all the Friday Fictioneers out there, especially to Madison Woods. I appreciate all the likes and comments. More power to Friday Fictioneers!

Have a great weekend everyone.