My life in twenty-three sentences

I already did this one before and I wrote another for my 23rd birthday.


1989 – I was born 17 minutes before the 18th.

1990 – I spent my first birthday in a hospital.

1991 – I inhaled some ashes from Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption.

1992 – Miriam Defensor-Santiago almost became our president.  I think I’m enjoying my time playing outside or watching television commercials.

1993 – The year Rene Requiestas died (he’s one of my favorite local comedians though it took me years to realize he’s already dead).

1994 – I was still in Kindergarten when I saw our home being demolished due to a land dispute.

1995 – Our youngest sibling, Janine, was born.

1996 – I’m bullied by my classmates constantly and my grades are declining.

1997 – Space Jam appealed to me very much because I prefer Looney Tunes over Disney.

1998 – One day, I got late in school and cited traffic as an excuse when in fact that I got delayed because of a demolition (for the second time).

1999 – Fractured my left arm when I got pushed by a playmate while trying an acrobatic stunt in a fence (he might have helped me do it).

2000 – I shifted sports from baseball to chess (maybe due to the fracture).

2001 – I earned my first gold medal in a chess team intramural event (my first ever gold medal in any sports event).

2002 – During a one-day sports event, I earned two gold medals in two different events, chess (individual) and swimming (relay).

2003 – With our new coach, we end the drought and won the championship in chess for our school.

2004 – I fractured my left arm (for the second time) while playing basketball.

2005 – My first time to fly with an airplane and be away from home for a week.

2006 – I graduated in high school, got the loyalty award, and entered college.

2007 – I initially tried to learn how to play the guitar to impress girls but I changed my motivation later on.

2008 – I got included in the Dean’s List for one semester.

2009 – Overcame the jitters while singing in front of the crowd in an auditorium (I can’t see the crowd ’cause the light-men focused at the stage).

2010 – I graduated in college with honors. 🙂

2011 – I joined the Marist Brothers.

2012 – Will accept the challenge of being offline for two years because of our novitiate formation.


Now I urge you to try writing a power sentence for every year of your life even if it’s not your birthday.

Have a nice day!

The 26th People Power Revolution


Today, the Philippines celebrates the 26th anniversary of EDSA Revolution. It was a peaceful uprising of the Filipino people against the dictatorship rule that governed the country for more than 20 years.

To celebrate the historic event, below are three versions of Bayan Ko, the unofficial theme of the People Power Revolution. Click them if you want to listen and it will open a new tab.