Why I love George Orwell’s way of writing

I love the way how George Orwell writes. After reading his book, 1984, I can’t help but admire his provocative style and straight to the point approach of writing. 1984’s theme is dystopian, but still, I can’t disregard the fact on how beautifully he crafts a story as well as his unique way of narrating it. From the book, I learned the concept of doublespeak wherein critical news and issues are told to mislead its  audience by means of using euphemism (i.e. flowery words). From Orwell, or Eric Blair in real life, I learned the importance of honesty and clarity in writing.

His other books

About his other books, I haven’t read Animal Farm yet. It’s a fable tackling the political turmoils in Europe during the 1940’s. I think it’s really good (of course it is) that it even inspired the music video of Talk Shows On Mute, which lyrics is also inspired by 1984.

His short stories

Also, I find his short stories amusing. There’s even a site dedicated in hosting his writings. He writes like he’s just talking. In his short stories, he talks (or writes) about his almost mundane experiences. But still, he always succeed in getting the interest of his readers because of his ability to tell stories wonderfully.

What 5 albums have influenced you the most?

1) Parachutes by Colplay

This is the debut album of Coldplay. Aside from the famous hits in the album, my favorite here would be the underrated song entitled Sparks (listen here).

Famous singles from this album are Yellow, Don’t Panic, and Trouble.

2) Postcards from Heaven by Lighthouse Family

This is the first album I have completely listened to. I can still remember back in December 1998 when my cousin gave a cassette of Lighthouse Family to my father which he had found from the passenger’s seat of our tricycle.

Famous tracks here are Question of Faith, High, and Lost in Space.

3) Make Yourself by Incubus

With hits such as Stellar, Drive, and Pardon Me, this album introduced me to Incubus. Whenever they visit our country for a concert, I always regret not being able to attend the event.

4) Kami nAPO muna by Various Artists

This is a tribute album by various artists here in the Philippines.

Apo Hikings Society, or simple Apo, got this tribute due to their contribution in the musical movement, called Original Pilipino Music (a.k.a. OPM) , here in the country.

A two-disc limited edition is released which contained a second disk with digitally remastered tracks of Apo Hikings Society such as Batang-batang ka pa and When I Met You (listen here).

5) Kimi Tsunagi Five M by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION

I have known the band because of their song Haruka Kanata, which is an opening theme of Naruto.

In this album, you can listen to tracks such as Kimi to Iu Hana (A Flower called You), and Mirai no Karera (Fragments of the Future).

Asian Kung-Fu Generation, or simply AKFG or Ajikan, is a four famous for their hits such as Rewrite, Blue Train, After Dark, and Solanin.

(Inspiration came from the bonus suggestion of The Daily Post‘s What 5 books have influenced you the most?)