Things worth looking forward to

Finally, a fast internet connection. I was in a hiatus just because of the slow connection in the past months. Allow me to free-write.

Last January, I purchased a Kobo tablet (an outdated model) and downloaded WordPress app and it didn’t help; I can’t even use the app. I’ve been itching for a long time already to post something here in WP and the circumstances just doesn’t help me. Another factor is that I am using a computer room with 20 plus units, all desktops. We don’t have a WiFi connection in the fraternity (our house) and I need to use the desktop just to be online. It’s even more convenient to do this than to get my tablet and go to a WiFi zone. I heard something about the Free Internet project in the Philippines this coming July and I don’t know how this will roll out. Just one of the few good news in the country since what’s happening here in the news is quite depressing. It is an issue close to my heart and not just a random rambling of a typical Manilenyo who doesn’t even know (and care) about Mindanao and its history.

I read a lot now because of Kobo. Reading is different. I miss blogging.

I’m not yet back since I’m preparing for the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) which is quite unique here in the Philippines since we have an oversupply of aspiring teachers. When I was young, I never dreamed of becoming a teacher. Just to be clear. Even if I did not aspire to actually become one, I must. I think I’m starting to like it now. I haven’t got the experience yet not even a full-time practice teaching stint in the school. I’m becoming stressed a lot now because of the LET review. Actually, it’s not a review but a study since it’s not my major in college and I just took 18 units in Education just to qualify in the PRC requirements. But let’s see how will I fare in the exam. Until next time. Cheers!

Addiction and the Jesuit’s influence to the 12-Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous


Just an update: this week, we are in a one-week module tackling addiction. This Monday morning, we talked about it in general: substances (e.g. drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes), and processes (e.g. gambling). Contextualized to our situation, we will talk about what contemporary young religious (I mean consecrated sisters and brothers) are being hooked into aside from smoking and drinking: the internet and, believe it or not, pornography. Continue reading

Tl;dr: Too long, didn’t read.

One negative effect of the digital age is the shortening of attention span among netizens.

Unlike decades ago, a person sits down for more or less than a minute in loading just a single web page. Now, you can already load more or less than 20 web pages simultaneously in multiple tabs during one-minute span. But that’s just an estimate.

Without being diagnosed by an expert, we can already know if we are losing our focus

(Click here for self-diagnosis of ADD).

The internet is quickly changing our society more than we could think of. There’s a lot of possibilities that it could bring in the near future. But as we count the numberless advantages it brings, let’s keep a caution towards it as it also gives us a list of disadvantages. The internet can be likened to a fire. It can help a man to cook or it can help cook a man. Let’s be cautious.

Title inspiration from Too long, didn’t read (A Wikipedia essay entry).