On How a Clumsy Guy met a Beautiful Volunteer

Last Sunday, after having my haircut, I went to the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage to attend the mass.

During the communion, I saw Anna, the beautiful volunteer of Marcellin Homes from Germany, and I decided to greet her after the mass.

I personally don’t know her that much and I just met her once during a dinner last Friday.

So after the mass outside the church, while facing her in a short distance, I waived my hand while looking at her.

It seems that she didn’t recognize me since I did not mention her name.

Maybe she was thinking, “Who is this geek waving his hand on me?”

Maybe she didn’t really noticed me waving my hand.

When I saw her companion, whom I don’t know personally, I just chickened out of my way towards the church gate.

If Anna was someone whom I truly know well, then I would have shouted at the voice that might scandalize the churchgoers and waved my hands more enthusiastically.

What I did was clumsy.

That’s the introvert in me winning the day.

I want to be a Resource Speaker someday

I was able to attend a leadership training not as a participant but as an observer. With a very good resource speaker coming from De La Salle Manila, I’m very inspired to be a resource speaker as well in the future.

While observing, I can feel the inner desire of bringing out the best of other people. I know I am called to be a teacher but there’s still a long way to go for me in terms of public speaking. I have the brains and I have the voice but what I need is the self-esteem.

I hope talk watching more TED Talks will inspire me to conquer my fear of public speaking, just like what Susan Cain did in her wonderful talk about introverts.

I know I can do it. I just need to stick out with my purpose and be a BOBO:

  • Bring Out the Best in Ourselves


  • Bring Out the Best in Others