The Marist Youth Festival 2012


Collection of my Reflection Paper as a Marist Novice Number 1: The Marist Youth Festival 2012

It’s just a copy and paste blog post. No editing. Just as it was written last Monday.

Just a reminder. There are some religious thoughts here regarding my Roman Catholic/Christian faith. I think it’s a first time for me to post something about my faith here in blogosphere. Anyhow, I hope you read. If you don’t, then no worries. Enjoy!

December 3, 2012

Joining the Marist Youth Festival (MYF) last November 29-December 1 reminded me of my own experience at the Marist Youth Congress (MYC) last February 2005 in Marbel. That time, I originally did not intend to join since it wasn’t my own idea to attend the event. I learned about it when my father said that Br. Pepito, a Religion teacher of Year 10 students, wants to meet me at the Marist Brothers Residence. Because my father just simply said that I go there, I don’t know why I was called. So when I finally met him, I learned why; my father recommended me to join the MYC. I do not really disagree with it but upon hearing that it will be held on Mindanao, I wanted to decline since I have my prejudices of the area. On that meeting, I was not able to decline his invitation since it’s really hard for me to say no, not just with him but with other people as well, so maybe that’s why I said a halfhearted yes. Aside from not being able to say no, the idea of meeting new people from different places attracted me. Well, not really. I think it’s the idea of meeting girls that attracted me since I still remember thinking about it as a 15-year-old preadolescent boy. And when I participated in the MYC, met some girls and got some contact numbers, my goal was accomplished. Of course, not all participants think like me and I won’t be able to think about it every day during my one week stay at BuDa (Bukidnon-Davao), General Santos City, and Marbel. All of them in Mindanao. Kidding aside, festive gathering events like this really attract young people. I know because I myself got attracted. It entices the youth because of the opportunity to have fun, join the festive spirit, and meet new people.

Now, as a novice and a facilitator, my motivations in attending and even my perspective towards a Marist youth gathering changed. Continue reading