Write poorly

I’ve read a dose from The Daily Post featuring Seth Godin’s Blog article with the title Talker’s Block.

I think I’ve read this before: Write poorly.

But with the kind of person like me, I think I need a lot of reminders before an advice would go on sinking into my mind. And I think this post is an effort to write poorly. But I just can’t really abandon the idea of quality writing in my post.  Continue reading

The trial-and-error writing method

via Wikimedia

“His routine procedure seems to have been to start a novel with some structural plan which ordinarily soon proved defective, whereupon he would cast about for a new plot which would overcome the difficulty, rewrite what he had already written, and then push on until some new defect forced him to repeat the process once again.”

Franklin Rogers on Mark Twain’s trial-and-error writing method

via Late Bloomers: Why do we equate genius with precocity? by Malcolm Gladwell