Truly, it is better to give than to receive

  1. While checking the examination papers, I am surprised with the profoundness of one student. It seems that she is not fourteen years old; she is way ahead of her peers in terms of maturity.
  2. Last Tuesday, accompanied by her sister, she was the only student who gave me a gift as her appreciation. I learned later that she also gave gifts to her other teachers as her Christmas presents. I got a tumbler from her.
  3. This gesture, though it’s simple, warms the hearts of teachers. Truly, it is better to give than to receive. As a teacher, I realize that I am giving more than what I am supposed to offer to my students. It is more than the lessons and grades I give. What is it then? It is my presence.
  4. I hope that more than anything else, my students will treasure my presence the most. I am priviledged to be able to share my life with them inside and outside the classroom. I am blessed to be able to witness their blossoming to adulthood.
  5. Now, I am thinking of writing a draft of a goodbye letter to the NDC community: all personnel, parents, GIA scholars, and specially the students. Before the school year ends, I usually write a letter to the people who have touched me and made a difference my life.
  6. I’m teary eyed right now. Yes, I am a such a sensitive man. Because the school year is almost finished, I have to leave people behind here in the school. Good byes are real and I am leaving next April.
  7. I know I have my failings throughout this year. I admit that. Mea maxima culpa. And if ever I have offended people even if I did not mean it, I am sorry for that.
  8. Today is my brother’s birthday today, it’s almost Christmas and 2017 is about to end. It’s a year of hellos and goodbyes.
  9. I will attend a recollection on December 31 to thank God for all the blessings and ask pardon for my shortcomings.
  10. Thanks for reading my streams of thought. Goodbye.

Please take care of your eyes guys!

Every year, I usually go to an eye clinic to have my eyes checked. To my surprise, something semi-unexpected happened:

The bad news

Yesterday, I went to the optometrist to have a new pair of eyeglasses. During the measuring of my eye’s Instead of going home with new eyes, I was told that my right eye have a “juvenile cataract”. What?? Juvenile? I’m not a kid anymore! Cataract? It’s totally unexpected! Since the specialist knows I’m a brother and we’re poor, she referred me to our government’s eye center. Unfortunately, I learned that they are closed and probably the employees are enjoying their holidays until next week.

So I have some days to make sense of this shock. Is it genetic or just because I just spent too much time outdoors with black eyes unprotected from the sun rays? I dunno. But to think of it, it’s not really shocking.

I remember six years ago, an ophthalmologist scolded me for not wearing eyeglasses. I already forgot what he told me that time but the tone of his voice was serious when he was giving me a prescription paper. That was odd since I was enrolling in the university that time when someone wearing a white coat with an apparatus was inside the room, offering free eye check-up. But thanks to him (is he a doctor?), I got warned.

The good news

  1. Going to the clinic, my brother-in-law saw me and I hitched a ride.
  2. I got a pair of nosebridge for free.
  3. I’m still playing basketball, enjoying my time before my right eye gets operated.

And since I question everything, I would like to ask: do I need a second opinion? 

I still can’t believe it but I have to heed the advice since I love my sense of sight. Though I’m still young but not a juvenile anymore! Sorry, just making things light by adding some humor if you can qualify that as funny.

Take care of your eyes, guys. Advanced happy new year!

December 2012 Update

In this month, I know I’ll miss a lot of holidays that I normally spend with my family since my 23 years of existence in this world. Aside from my birthday, Christmas and New Year are two of the yearly events that I anticipate the most and I’m even more happier when I celebrate these two holidays than my own natal day.

But even though I’m a thousand kilometers away from our home (I don’t know exactly know far our home is from the convent), I know that my heart is with them (and I ripped it off from a song).

So here’s a song I dedicate for the month of December.