I haven’t finished my work yet I’m already rejoicing

Today, exactly one month since I started the lay-out, I’m almost done with the draft of our MAPAC newsletter.Initially, my goal is to finish the draft last November 7. But because I lack articles, I was not able to achieve the set date. But I’m happy my announce that last night, I was able to put up most of the articles in the lay-out. I initially planned to join the NaNoWrimo this November but priorities comes first. Nevertheless, I still think of some plot and scenes and all that stuff once in a while (usually during my stay in the comfort room). So my target date now is to finish the draft next week, November 21 and print copies on the final Sunday of the Liturgical Year, Christ the King (on November 23). If I waited until Advent, the theme of our newsletter will change.

Thank God I have Brothers who are helping me to get the articles done nicely. Since I suck in writing English, I’m blessed to get a helping hand from a proofreader Brother who is a native speaker of English. Thanks to our liaison in the Communications Committee for pushing me to work consistently in my own pace. I’m sorry, I’m taking too much time in planning and designing the lay-out. I know I’m still an amateur when it comes to these things.

Though I’m not yet done, I already feel elated. It’s like I’m playing basketball with a 20 point-lead on the final two minutes of the last quarter.

Discernment never stops

This afternoon, I’ll attend a recollection together with our fraternity in Cenacle Sisters’ Retreat House somewhere in Loyola Heights. It’s my first time to attend a retreat/recollection here in Metro Manila since I graduated in high school. All my recent retreats/recollections are usually in Mindanao.

This coming Monday, I might start a new blogging schedule of posting everyday non-stop for 30 days. This is in preparation for my role as the editor-in-chief for MAPAC newsletter. Because no one’s qualified they have to settle for a dork someone like me. Anyway…

Discernment never stops.