A Morning Reflection

A student asked me me whether I hate Moslems or not. I did not answer her question directly. Not pausing, I immediately said that encountering one bad Moslem doesn’t mean that all followers of Islam are evil. That’s all I said. 

It’s like a paraphrase of a quote from Gandhi about contaminated water. But when I answered, I was actually recalling the dialogue of the Queen of Fishman Island when she said about humans not being totally evil. Sometimes, I see good values being taught by anime. I think that’s what Lumen Gentium 7 was talking about when it mentioned about the Truth contained on other religions. Something like that. I need to go now, I’m a substitute teacher for my Department Head in Values Education. She’s now confined in the hospital because of her polio. Please do pray for her.

To be a Christian means to have the heart and mind of Jesus.

5th Year Blog Anniversary

Whoa! This deserves celebration. With this reason, I reward myself of watching One Piece series though I’m still on the 130th episode. So far, I’m liking it. I’m not that much blogging but at least posting one entry wouldn’t hurt me. I have a journal to write on so that really bother me. The Holy Spirit had been very much inspiring me though my writings aren’t that inspiring. Geez. All right, this is enough. May the Lord bless us always. Amen.