The 26th People Power Revolution


Today, the Philippines celebrates the 26th anniversary of EDSA Revolution. It was a peaceful uprising of the Filipino people against the dictatorship rule that governed the country for more than 20 years.

To celebrate the historic event, below are three versions of Bayan Ko, the unofficial theme of the People Power Revolution. Click them if you want to listen and it will open a new tab.


Is revolution always good?

Suggested by The Daily Post’s Topic #240:

Is revolution always good?

There have been an amazing number of revolutions and uprisings in the world this year. Are they always good events? What makes a revolution a progressive or regressive event?

This is my reaction to the topic:

Revolution is good for overthrowing a dictator. Just like here in the People Power Revolution last 1986, the people gathered in EDSA to overthrow the 20 years regime of Ferdinand Marcos. Unlike the revolution in the Middle East, the revolution here is nonviolent where the soldiers are offered flowers and rosaries as part of the resistance.

But I think after a revolution succeeds in their goal, the people should be more vigilant about what will happen next since the transition of the new government is crucial. Replacing the one system is rewarding for the people but after that, creating a new system is a difficult process. It might be a good start for the country but other problems arises from the replacement of the dictatorship since the government and its people goes back to the beginning in rebuilding the nation.