An Autodidact’s Schedule

The best way to learn isn’t by reading, though — it’s through actual doing. The mistake some people make is they just read about something, but it’s when you actually use the knowledge that it becomes real, that you find other problems that you have to solve, that you learn all the things that go along with main idea. If I don’t put something into practice, I don’t really care about learning about it.

via Zen Habits by Leo Babauta

The 26th People Power Revolution


Today, the Philippines celebrates the 26th anniversary of EDSA Revolution. It was a peaceful uprising of the Filipino people against the dictatorship rule that governed the country for more than 20 years.

To celebrate the historic event, below are three versions of Bayan Ko, the unofficial theme of the People Power Revolution. Click them if you want to listen and it will open a new tab.


Our grandmother’s remains

This is my first attempt to write a 100-word story fiction. If you have suggestions about my writing, feel free to hit the comment section. Photo courtesy of Madison Woods.

2002 — One day, our grandmother left our house without us noticing. We have troubles in taking care of her because of Alzheimer’s. Her body is still strong but her mind isn’t. We celebrated December holidays without her. We just learned that her body was found in a morgue. A vehicle hit her and the driver just left.

2008 — Our grandfather died of old age. Of course there is a specific diagnosis but we didn’t bother to know. After six years, it’s time to reunite my grandparents. Our grandmother’s remains will now be buried together with our grandfather.