We’re heading to Baguio


In my last post, I mentioned about my heart’s palpitations.
I think I just need some rest.
So this coming Friday, we’re heading north to the high altitude place of Baguio!

Hope that I’ll find some good night sleep for a few nights.
This vacation will relieve me of responsibilities like locking the community’s computer room every 10:30 p.m. Continue reading

Write poorly

I’ve read a dose from The Daily Post featuring Seth Godin’s Blog article with the title Talker’s Block.

I think I’ve read this before: Write poorly.

But with the kind of person like me, I think I need a lot of reminders before an advice would go on sinking into my mind. And I think this post is an effort to write poorly. But I just can’t really abandon the idea of quality writing in my post.  Continue reading