How to start a blog 101: Write, write, write, and write

In order to be good at blogging, one must practice blogging… a lot! To be specific, one must blog, blog, and blog!

When I was in a practicum duty, I once said to a high school student that in order to be good at reading, one must read a lot. One must make it a habit to read. And because the lad is a graduating high school student, I also said that it’s difficult for a college student to survive in school if one does not read discriminatingly. One needs a lot of information that one can get in reading in order to survive college.

Now going back, I believe that it can also be applied to blogging. One must blog a lot. It must become a habit of yours to blog. And I would like to add that in being a good blogger, one must also be a discriminating reader.

One can add a lot of content in his blog if one knows how to pick them from others. For as long as you know how to quote your sources, you can borrow the ideas of others. So thats it for this week. I hope you enjoyed my tips.

Any comments or suggestions? Feel free to express your thoughts.