Let’s talk about sex

Talking about human sexuality usually interests most of us (if not all); but when we do talk about it, we usually struggle. Looking back, I realized that I learned a lot about sexuality when I entered religious life. Thanks to Br. Sean Sammon for writing about chastity and sexuality, I really learned a lot from him. I learned from him that being sexual is not just about genital sex.

I must admit that being a novice under religious formation, I think the part of celibacy is one of the hardest choice to make.

“Am I sure of living a celibate life and not marry?”

[Author’s Note: I admit that this is one of the most uncomfortable post that I ever wrote about. Since I’d rather not talk about it in person, I resorted into writing (or blogging). This daring post is to start a healthy conversation about human sexuality. And if someone out there resonates with my dilemma, please feel free to reach out and comment.]