The rain and my childhood

When I was younger, I love the summer season because I can play all day with my friends and cousins except during meals and sleeping time. And now that I am already in my late twenties, I love rainy season better. Besides, I don’t have playmates anymore like I used to have as a kid. The ambience just lets me rest in my bed and sleep longer. Because there’s no much activity in the house except household chores, I will go out and play as a child. Since there’s just lots of tasks to do as a teacher when I’m at home, the rain reminds me to relax and spend some time for rest, reflect, and remember the good old days of my childhood. 

My summer assignment

BUDA, DAVAO CITY — When everyone else is celebrating there vacation time, I’m here in my new community assignment in Buda, Mindanao until May 15.

I’ve been here before when I was a high school student last January 2005. During that time, there’s no electricity and cellular signal yet. Now, there’s electricity and I am getting a good signal on my phone.

It’s cool here. When I arrived last Sunday, temperature was around 27 degrees Celsius at 9 AM. I was with some young brothers and formators who just passed by on their way to Davao. We enjoyed the sweetness and freshness of the locally cultured strawberry in the house backyard. Just chilling on my bed during the Easter Sunday afternoon fixing my WordPress and downloading some Pokemon emulators.

The village is not crowded unlike any barangay in NCR. Though the start of Summer Assignment is on April 7, the birthday of my nephew and Feast day of St. Jean-Baptiste De La Salle, I went straight here since I’m not from Mindanao and I have nowhere really to stay except my relatives in General Santos City.

Not really much to write about since I’m just warming up here.

Expect me to blog everyday whenever I sign up for a mobile data promo.

Have a blessed day to everyone.