How I got to teaching Geometry

There are Typhoon Egay in the country so no classes. To make my time productive aside from Facebook and NBA 2K14 (outdated gaming), here I am blogging.

I’m teaching Geometry now. It’s a shift in career from a Psychology major, to a Catholic religious Brother, to a secondary teacher, and now a math instructor. Yes, I love Math and it’s just funny how I got this teaching load.

Here’s the story:

First week of June, I was asked if I am interested to substitute a teacher in the Afternoon Shift, an outreach education program for the poor kids here near Marist School and Marikina City. On the second week, I went to school to be given the Learning Plan, a textbook, and the Course Outline for the whole school year. And the following day, I started teaching Geometry to Grade 9 students. That was quick.

Postscript: In case you’re wondering, we start our classes in June until March or April; some schools start their school year in August until May starting this year.

Bad news: starting next month, I’ll have no weekends

It’s official: our first semester in MAPAC is over. For me, it doesn’t necessarily mean to be idle this one-month long break. Now that the break (not a vacation) removes the pressure from studies, I can now shop some books for our project, plan for the next newsletter, train for the basketball tournament, and look for a LET review center. Last Wednesday, I was searching in the internet for nearby review center when I saw Mind Gym. It’s a jackpot since it’s near and not so expensive. I don’t know if their list of topnotchers for promotion looks credible. But anyway, I gave it a shot. I discussed it with my superiors and they approved it. Within two days, I enrolled there. I did it during this afternoon. So, I’m studying in MAPAC during weekdays and on the review center in weekends. That means 7 days a week of studies!

I’m not really bothered with these but what I will miss would be the urban poor kids in our apostolate. Their settlement site looks like our house. And I just blogged about their area being flooded during the typhoon and Ondoy (Ketsana). So another option for me is to to teach in the afternoon shift program students in Marist School. And that means studying in weekend mornings and teaching in the evening. I’ll be needing a lot of siesta in between these busy days. But don’t worry, this blog will not be offline. This is my online journal, right? Because I don’t like writing in notebooks; that’s too girly. And yes, I have machismo issues. I don’t like it it but I have it. That’s Spanish machismo influence still messing up with Filipinos since 1500s. That’s another story. Sorry.

When a typhoon named “Mario” visited Marikina City

Typhoon Mario (International Name: Fung-Wong) just paid a visit to us, leaving Marikina City and the rest of Luzon with Ondoy-like floodwater level. Good thing is that I haven’t heard of any flood-related casualties in the city due to the disaster co-preparation and cooperation of each local government units here. It’s not a super typhoon like Yolanda in terms of gusty-ness. But if not for the preparations made, we’ll be as devastated like it was 2009 again.

This morning, I visited Balubad, a sitio in baranggay Nangka, a flood-prone area, where I’m currently assigned for our apostolate every Saturday just to see the post-flood scenario there. As expected, it’s muddy but like I said, everything’s fine except for some items damaged by the flood. I noticed the improved drainage system that we didn’t have five years ago so it might have helped in controlling the flood damage. I, together with my confreres, went there without any money or goods for the flood victims. If there’s any need, we will give of course if given enough time to provide.

Oh these boys, before we left, were shouting, “Walang reliefs (sic) good“.

Everything’s getting better now at least.

A blessed weekend to everyone.