What running means for an INTP like me

I don’t know how running really started. Out of impulse, I downloaded Nike Running app on my Lenovo A7000+. I am always walking long distances that I wanted to keep track of it. I have this habit of keeping track of any statistics such as:

  • number of books read
  • hours of silence spent
  • anime episodes watched
  • basketball shots made.

The latest fascination? Distance walked.

But when I tapped “Coach”, I discovered that I can choose what race distance I want to train running. So I created a new goal with modest goal of 5K. I first tried and I got 35:17 minutes which is the average time. I am now training for 3 weeks and it’s my rest day today.

I am running not because I am health conscious; I am running to test myself. The only benefit that I want to get from it is the stamina for basketball so I can run on the transition. Not even trying to join any race.

Maybe this fascination will fade in the future but thanks to this app I can keep track of my walking.

The day I danced in front of the crowd

I participated in a Fun Walk yesterday morning sponsored by a school.

While cooling down, I did something terrible and shameful and I’m not embarrassed to share: I danced in front of the crowd!

It’s not because I am a brilliant dancer; it’s the other way around.

I’m not even in the stage but people are looking at me.

It’s not because I am famous but because I am quite known in the school.

(Note: I’m a Marist Brother novice)

People are looking at me because I look terrible when I dance!

The students said “Go Kuya Allen!” and the teachers even called me “The Best in Hataw” (in this context, hataw means Beat It!).

If I did that in high school, I wouldn’t dance like that or even run away and hide.

What did the experience taught me?

I realized that not being able to dance well is part of my imperfection. It’s not my talent.

I am not a good dancer, so what?I don’t need to be someone else.

I just need to be myself.

Well at least I made people smile with my talent-less antics.